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4 Day Inca Trail Trek - May 2017
Andrew W.
11 mai 2017, 08:56

Hi there!

I am interested in doing the 4 day inca trail in May.

Could you please email me a list of costs and what I need to prepare for my trip.

I have read some details and I am interested in walking for the four days as part of a group, with entrance to Machu Picchu.

Also I have read about a sunrise hike on the fourth day to wake at 4:00am? I am very interested in this!

Please could you send me some more information!

Muchas gracias!


Re: 4 Day Inca Trail Trek - May 2017
Messages: 825
11 mai 2017, 10:53

Hi Andrew,

I'm sending the same reply I sent you in Facebook. Unfortunately, the 4-day Inca Trail is booked and sold out until the end of October. It must be booked way in advance, at least 8 months. There is no chance to get spaces once they are sold out. This applies for all agencies, not just ours.

It is the only one arriving directly to Machu Picchu. You will find all information on our website:

The 2-day trek is still available, you can check it on our website.

Have a great day!

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