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Machu picchu and wayna picchu
Christina T.
05 nov. 2014, 19:25

Dear Team,

I'd like to purchase a ticket for machu picchu and wayna picchu for the 9th of november. Since it is not possible to do it via internet, how can i get it? I saw that there are only 3 Tickets left!

Best regards


Re: Machu picchu and wayna picchu
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06 nov. 2014, 00:13

Hello Christina,

It is not possible to get tickets for Wayna Picchu from our website when there are too few spaces left of for in less than 4 days. Between the time you write, we get your email and we reply, those spaces are sold out. That is why we need at least 40 spaces left and 4 days. Wayna Picchu has only 200 spots per schedule, so it is sold out very quickly. You can purchase tickets for Machu Picchu only and with the mountain at the Ministry of Culture in Cusco.

Best regards,

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